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Muddywall | October 26, 2014

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10 tips to attract visitors to your website using social media

10 tips to attract visitors to your website using social media

You can gain two key benefits by using social media to attract visitors to your website.

Firstly, you can encourage users to click the links on social networks which will direct them straight to your website. Secondly, these links can also help your business appear higher in search results making your website more visible to potential visitors.

Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of these benefits:

  1. Use keywords related to your business in your profile descriptions eg Twitter Bio and LinkedIn and in tweets and updates. To help you find appropriate keywords us Google’s Keyword Search Tool.
  2. Make sure your website URL (address) is included in your profile. Bonus tip: If you add your URL to your Bio on Twitter and the About section of your Facebook Page it will become a live hyperlink.
  3. On LinkedIn make sure you add your website to your profile and change the label from the default Company Website. If you select Other you can add your business name – Smith’s Taxation Services is much more meaningful and better for SEO than Company Website.
  4. You can add 3 links on your LinkedIn profile so make sure you use all 3. If your only web presence is your website then link to sections or pages within it eg Blog or Services.
  5. Ensure you have a Yelp profile if you have a venue based business and remember to add your website URL. Not only can people find you and your website through Yelp but services like Apple’s Maps app use Yelp data.
  6. Google Local is great for venue based businesses but can help all types of companies. Previously, called Google Places, your profile should be complete with website links plus photos and videos to make it stand it. A good profile on Google Local makes you more visible on Google Search.
  7. It’s more important for venue based businesses but check that your offices or premises are listed on Foursquare and that your profile is complete. People can find you through Foursquare and check-in when they visit. As well as your website URL you can add your Twitter account id.
  8. Pinterest has seen extraordinary growth this year and is now the 3rd largest social network so a Pinterest profile can put your website in front of plenty of potential visitors. Ensure that your website URL is verified. Uploading photos and videos with links back to your website can drive lots of traffic to your website.
  9. When you’re making updates on social networks take every opportunity to provide value by linking back to your website. For example, if someone on Twitter wants your phone number, tweet them the number and add a link to your Contact Us Page.
  10. Google+ is becoming increasingly important when it comes to search engines, particularly Google Search. You can create a profile both for yourself and your business. Bonus tip: You can add an unlimited number of websites so ensure all your websites, blogs and social networks are displayed.

Following the tips above where the focus has been on social media will help encourage more visits to your website.

Whilst it’s not the scope of this article it’s worth noting that it’s your website itself that is fundamental in attracting both new and repeat visitors and ensuring people spend some time there. None of the above will really help if your website is not providing value.

Think carefully about how you can benefit your visitors and create your website around them. You can then support your website by following the above advice.

Featured Image Credit: rictor-and-david

Jonathan Pollinger is a social media consultant, trainer and speaker, helping businesses both in the UK and abroad to improve their marketing, communications and customer services using social media.