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Muddywall | November 1, 2014

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3 Brands who are Flying the Flag for Instagram

3 Brands who are Flying the Flag for Instagram

If you caught my previous Muddywall post you’ll know that fashion and beauty brands are pretty much made for Instagram. What many people don’t know, however, is that it isn’t just fashion brands that are dominating this up and coming social marketing platform.

Brands in food and ‘blander’ categories such as stationary are now rising up the ranks and showing the world what they’re all about. They’re thinking outside the television advertising box and getting more creative, injecting fun and personality into their brands and getting more visual.

While these industries have indeed been slower to catch onto Instagram’s potential than the fashion world, there are three brands in particular that are flying the flag for Instagram and proving that more traditional industries do have gumption.


Oreo instagram header

Oreo is on one of my favourites, and I think their Instagram account gets somewhat overlooked in favour of their famous “You can still dunk in the dark” newsjack. On the contrary, the images they post play on just as much humour, feel good attitude and fun as their more well-known marketing efforts.

They really involve their audience, posting mouth-watering images of the end result of Oreo recipes alongside a link to the recipe itself. However, the reception of these could probably be enhanced with a call to action asking followers to try it themselves and Instagram the end result with a corresponding hashtag, then curate their favourite ones.

There is a hashtag they do use, though, that I absolutely love – #OreoGooglyEyes. This accompanies some great pictures of Oreos that have been halved and had their centre moulded into an eye shape, then stuck on top of the unlikeliest of objects. From a tree with a hole in it to a cardboard box incorporating hand holes, Oreo are making their fans smile by giving funny faces to things you’d normally pass by. My personal favourite is this phone and its Hitchcock inspired caption!

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi instagram header

Yo! Sushi doesn’t just feature in this line-up because I get insatiable cravings for their food at least once a week, they’re here because, like Oreo, they go the extra mile with their Instagram account.

They really embrace their “fast, fun, fresh” ethos with bright colours, images of their food edited with what looks like the Amaro filter (hint: it makes pictures of food look even more mouth-watering), snaps of their staff hard at both work and play, and lovely shots from around Japan, the motherland of all things sushi.

Yo! Sushi are also masters of the hashtag. They utilise it for competitions and new product launches…

… as well as alongside their current promotions. They’re even regramming images users have taken using their current #yoseptemberblues hashtag!


Sharpie instagram header

This one is for all of those brands who think they’re too boring to be able to utilise social media. At the end of the day, Sharpie sell pens – that’s literally all they sell. Despite this fact they’ve still managed to become one of the most loved brands around. It’s all down to their willingness to think outside the box, something clearly illustrated in their Instagram account.

As well as promoting their new Sharpie Neon range with the hashtag @SharpieNEON, their feed is full of eye-catching and often detailed drawings, all created with Sharpies! Coupled with captions that play on words and make followers laugh, you’ve got a simple formula for creating a really engaging Instagram presence.


While branching out into non-traditional mediums of marketing might fill you with reservation, it isn’t actually as difficult as you might think. The key to nailing it yourself is spending some time researching the competition before putting together a content strategy.

As well as preventing a rabbit-in-the-headlights moment that could occur once you’ve set up your account but don’t know what to post, it means your feed will look attractive and well curated, engage your visitors and solidify your branding.

Charlotte Varela is a self-confessed social media junkie currently pursuing a career as a digital content writer at Tone Agency, helping businesses generate leads, encourage conversions and improve customer retention.

  • tomcool32

    Very interesting ideas. It’s amazing how brands make themselves so human on social media.

    • charlotte_varela

      Hi Tom, thanks for your comment!

      I know what you mean, it’s so encouraging, especially for businesses who don’t think they’re suited to a platform like Instagram. Sharpie are a great example, making stationary fun and informal :)