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Muddywall | October 31, 2014

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5 minute daily marketing plan to grow your LinkedIn network

5 minute daily marketing plan to grow your LinkedIn network

You run out of time and you definitely want to grow your LinkedIn network?

If you have five minutes to read this article, you will get five minute to apply your daily marketing plan to expand your Linkedin network.

Bluewire Media, a Brisbane based social media agency, has created the infographic below for LinkedIn users beginner, intermediate and advanced.


1 minute – Accept connection requests. Don’t be afraid to accept Linkedin requests from people you may not do business with them but they may be useful. In many ways, these connections can be relevant and show their effectiveness.

3 minutes – Say thank you. “Thank you for being part of my network” would suffice. You can also converse with your new Linkedin contact, show your gratitude by asking questions about his/her career or job industry.

1 minute – Connect with someone you don’t know. Linkedin is quiet smart to suggest some persons you have vaguely worked with on projects or within companies (great algorithm though). One new connection a day and you will notice very quickly your Linkedin network grow fast.


3 Minutes – Check who’s viewed your profile. These are all potential leads or current connections who have viewed your LinkedIn profile recently. If these people are not a sales lead, employee or employer yet, then they may be in the near future. Click on those people’s accounts and send them an invitation to connect with you, adding a custom message letting them know you noticed that they viewed your profile and explaining what you could add to the connection. For me, for example, this is the sharing of social media news and ideas.

2 Minutes – Share some value adding content. If you have written or read a blog post recently that you think would be useful to your professional connections, then place this on your profile. You can add this to your profile by clicking the add media button which is represented by a square with a plus symbol. Then share this content to all of the relevant LinkedIn Groups that you are connected with.


3 minutes – Share a piece of content and submit it to Pulse. Linkedin Today is not Linkedin news homepage anymore but recently replaced by Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse shows top articles that have been publicly shared on LinkedIn. If you share a link on LinkedIn and choose to make it visible to Public or Public + Twitter, your picture could appear on Pulse.

1 minute – Give your say with comments. At least once a day, comment on someone’s status they have shared and add something to the topic. In doing so, you reinforce your relationship with the person or take the first steps in establishing one.

1 minute – Keep in touch. “Hey Richard, it has been a while since we have not been in touch? I saw you landed a new job at Richardson Corporation. Congrats!! I’m going to Richardsonville next week. What about a coffee?” Not that difficult to write a quick catch-up with a contact you want to meet again.

If you don’t have time to do anything else, you should always make time for personal interactions as it’s an important part of a LinkedIn marketing strategy. After all, that’s what social media is all about, isn’t it?

5 minute daily marketing plan to grow your LinkedIn network

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Florent Le Mens is a Social Media Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. He has been writing a blog about Digital news and Social Media stories. Read more here

  • Adam Franklin

    Hi Florent, thanks for sharing the infographic mate. I really like the examples you’ve used!

    • Florent Le Mens

      Hi Adam, this is my pleasure to write about your content.

  • marklongbottom

    Do you think sharing blog posts to all relevant groups is engaging?

    Rather than opening a discussion on the group wall and adding some text detail inviting dialogue and ‘discussions’. I’m seeing so many people sharing or posting links as discussions and running to the next one. By sharing froma third party or your home page you end up with discussions that have no title just a link and thereafter more than not no comments.

    I’d suggest a far better and more effective way to build your community and relationships is to actually be active in groups. These can be locality based and industry based where you’ll find people to share thoughts and experiences with.

    • Florent Le Mens

      Hi Mark,

      I agree on your point. You should share relevant content to your industry either from your “wall” or group discussions. This is not only about posting and then run away, this is about engaging people.

      • marklongbottom

        :) Oddly Florent even Linked In through last year seemed to try and suggest it’s better to be active on your Timeline/Homepage rather than in Groups which they hid from the primary navigation, regardless of the badly managed and spammed groups this is where most genuine networking, engagement and real relationships will develop.

  • guest

    Your suggestion, “1 minute – Connect with someone you don’t know. Linkedin is quiet smart to suggest some persons you have vaguely worked with on projects or within companies (great algorithm though).” DOES NOT HOLD UP.

    Linkedin has the deceptive practice of offering up lists and lists of names of people who “you might know.” When you try to connect with “people you might know” and enough of these people respond “I don’t know this person” some nameless, faceless minion at Linkedin sends a threatening email admonishing you to re-read the User’s Agreement about contacting ONLY PEOPLE YOU DO KNOW or be expelled. You are then given a “second chance” but the chilling effect is already present. I asked if they can turn this feature off and end this practice. Ha!

    Linkedin is great at grabbing your personal data and that of your contacts (never missing an opportunity to request to copy your personal contacts list) but giving you limited utility to the site unless you are a member at a priced tier (also dunning the user to buy