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Muddywall | October 20, 2014

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Five Top Tips for Approaching Influential Bloggers

Five Top Tips for Approaching Influential Bloggers

Establishing relationships with influential bloggers is still an effective way to get good quality content posted about your business.

Bloggers may be willing to write about your new products, review any events you are hosting or interview you for some insight into your company.

Not only are you getting fresh content about your business posted online, but often these bloggers have good amounts of web traffic themselves, so it’s as much a branding opportunity as it is good for your SEO.

Bloggers are generally very busy people, and the ones worth contacting often have hundreds of emails clogging up their Inboxes.

Businesses are still making the same mistakes when it comes to contacting these bloggers so here are some top tips when approaching your chosen list:

1: Do your homework

Find out a bit about the blogger’s tone of voice and content they post. Are they really likely to want to talk about your business?  What kind of posts have they done in the past? Do a quick search for your business name in case there are any negative posts, and also check to see if they have blogged about your competitors.

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2: Check their social media

Reading a blog is only listening to half of the conversation. Check to see if they are using Twitter or Facebook and think about initially contacting them through there to gage their interest.

3: Don’t spam

One of the worst mistakes to make is to send a generic email around to a list of bloggers. You need to tailor your emails to each blogger – including their name and a bit about why you have chosen them specifically. It’s seen as being very lazy to start the email with ‘Dear blogger…’.

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4: Be flexible

It’s difficult to know how a blogger would prefer to work. They may be happy to take direction from you on the article, or perhaps they have a particular style and only wish to write in a certain way. Be flexible with your offering and let the blogger call the shots. After all, it’s their blog not yours!

5: Follow up

Once you have a blog post written about your business, don’t forget to thank the blogger. By maintaining a relationship with your bloggers you might be able to continue to work together on more campaigns.

Alison Battisby is an experienced freelance social media consultant.