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Muddywall | October 24, 2014

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How to create the perfect social media post #infographic -

How to create the perfect social media post #infographic

There are no set rules for creating the perfect social media post. What works for some, may not work for others. But the the team at MyCleverAgency have made a good attempt at summarising the factors of a perfect social media post in this infographic.

I’ve picked out five important factors which I know help encourage conversations and engagement with followers:

  • Find the optimum times when your target audience is using social media
  • Include good quality, eye-catching visuals in your posts
  • Use hashatgs to catagorise your posts and target a specific audience
  • Keep your posts topical, short and to the point
  • Encourage social conversations by replying to comments on your posts

One more I should add, MyCleverAgency, is double check your posts for spelling errors before sending. Check out the spelling under ‘Punctuation’ on the Twitter recommendations. Can you spot the mistake?

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