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Muddywall | October 26, 2014

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Many apps are no more as Twitter retires AP1 v1 and welcomes API v1.1

Many apps are no more as Twitter retires AP1 v1 and welcomes API v1.1

Many Twitter apps will be no more as from today due to Twitter’s retirement of their API v1 and fully transitioning to API v1.1

Notable casualties include their own TweetDeck for AIR, iOS and Android apps.

Twitter’s success was built on the ability for third-party app developers to create tools that offered additional features and support. But the company has decided to restrict access to their API in a attempt to regain more control of the social platform’s development. Recently released Twitter Cards and enhanced multimedia support are examples of their in-house development, giving Twitter more options for monetization in the future.

App developers have been given plenty of warning about the change. The original date set for the transition was back on 7th May 2013. But Twitter decided to extend the deadline in order to run additional ‘blackout’ tests, ensuring the move to the new API would be as trouble-free as possible.

If you are a developer who has not updated their app, then don’t worry. There is still an opportunity to make the move to the new API v1.1. On Twitter’s Developers blog, Taylor Singletary (@episod) explains:

Based on the blackout tests and looking at the numbers, we can see that the vast majority of applications have transitioned to API v1.1. If you still have not updated your app and you want people to be able to continue using it, it’s not too late! Documentation is available here.

Are you an app developer? Has this change affected you? Let me know at

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